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Hi there!

I'm Jo

The face behind Socials by Jo. I'm an online marketing consultant and I help business owners by creating a strong social media strategy to gain more clients and grow their business.

A few questions...

Do your clients know how to find you on Social Media?


For example with hashtags, geotags, collaborations with influencers and many other ways.

Do you share posts that are educational and/or entertaining?


Your social media followers are following you for a reason, they are interested in your brand. But when posting a picture without information will make them lose interest. People are interested in the story behind the picture/the business.

Do you have a strong relationship with your followers?


Continual engagement and followers loyalty is now more important than ever in online marketing because of the social media algorithms that keep changing.

Did you answer any of the questions above with a 'no'?

Let me help you! Do you want to know more about the online marketing and social media services I offer and how we can work together?

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